Everyone in Europe should have equal opportunity to start a business


Europe is facing considerable challenges in regard to migration and inclusion

We have gathered best practice ideas to solve this

At Startup Migrants we map the innovation and economic output of migration in Europe. 

Many migrants start new businesses and contribute extensively to Europe’s economy. Their potential is untapped. Their contribution is barely visible. We want to show what effect founders have on wealth creation in Europe and the Middle East. 

We have interviewed more than 400 policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and migrants in Europe and the Middle East. We share our insights in form of books, mapping, talks and advice on policy and entrepreneurship. 

Latest news and media

The driving forces of economic growth

Video interview after our talk at InfoShare in Gdansk, one of the biggest events for tech-startups in Eastern Europe.

Norway can learn from Israel

Latest opinion piece in Vårt Land in Norwegian. You can find many news articles on the Norwegian version of the book at grenseløsegrundere.no

Building a community

Since our beginning in 2018 we have visited the Levant and Europe, done many talks with over 700 people with a focus on a positive narrative on diverse innovation.

What makes us different

There are many brilliant grassroots initiatives supporting migrant founders in Europe.

Our mission is to look at the bigger picture.

  • What are the top 10 best practice policies for cities and municipalities who need economic growth fueled by diversity?
  • How can governments make it easier for everyone to start a company?
  • How can social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and startup communities realize the positive potential in migration?

We are passionate about finding the best solutions for these questions!



Maria and Nicolai set out in January 2018 on a journey to write a book. They visited 20 countries and interviewed over 250 people mapping the innovation output of migration in Europe and the Middle East.

The book is available in Norwegian and English, as ebook on Amazon and every Norwegian book store.

Preschool in Entrepreneurship?
An Award for migrant founders?
A talk to kick-off a discussion?

Together we have more than 20 years experience with doing talks and writing. We have published over 10 books on topics like migration, entrepreneurship, city development and biographies. 

Last year we made a test and created a Brave Founder Beginnings Award to a best tech founder in the Nordics. This year we are doing a weekend course in entrepreneurship with minorities in Norway and Minotenk think tank.


What can your city do?

Fall 2019 we are developing a pilot project in Germany together with Welcoming International and Welcoming Europe. We do 360 degrees mapping of three German cities and what effect migrant founders have on the economy.

Let us know if we can map the innovation output of migration in your city! 

Scroll through some of our collaborators

Get inspired! Watch our video and meet some of the founders we interviewed in our book.  

Would like to talk to us?

We would be happy to hear from you. If you need advice, want to buy our books or book a lecture with us. We are based in Oslo and Berlin, but hey the whole of Europe is home.  

Reach out to us at contact@startupmigrants.com

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