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We are building an online tool for cities that want to improve job creation and inclusion

Startup Preschool

A 3-day crash course in entrepreneurship

Our society needs people who will create new jobs, fuel the sustainable economic growth and contribute to an including society. There is a need for people with different ways of thinking, language skills and diverse knowledge. 

At the same time there are many undiscovered talents, willing to take risks and innovate if they get proper support. Our aim is to uncover future entrepreneurs and support them towards first steps in the Nordic startup community.

We partner up with cities and local startup ecosystems to make this popular event happen!

First ever Startup Preschool in partnership with Minotenk, leading think tank in Norway / photo Rolf Dammen

Testimonials Startup Preschool Edition 1, Oslo

"One of the best experiences I´ve ever had in Norway!"
Deena Hassan
Founder Boon
"I feel empowered and emotionally uplifted after the course!"
Vafa Bakkalar
"I got good answers on my ideas and everyone took time to be present."
Soon to be entrepreneur

Talks and books

Europe is facing considerable challenges in regard to immigration and integration. NGOs, civil society, tech sectors and domestic startup ecosystems wish to solve this problem, but struggle because of an expanding knowledge gap and fragmented communities.

  • We have interviewed more than 200 policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and migrants in Europe and the Middle East. 
  • Want to know more about the startup ecosystems in Europe or the Nordics?
    Need ideas on how entrepreneurship with newcomers can solve issues of integration and unemployment?
  • Connect with key players in different ecosystems and founders with diverse background

Reach out to us on maria@startupmigrants.com

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