Covid-19 crisis will lead to a strong rise in unemployment.
With data and bold policies cities can turn this around and weather the storm.

We gather best practice and data to help cities to thrive.


Cities are key drivers of economic growth. They generate over 68 percent of EUs GDP today. Right now, because of the Covid-19 recession, many cities will be in danger of failing. When cities fail, so will regions and nations. At Startup Migrants we map the best city policies for entrepreneurship and migration.

The people who can least afford to lose their jobs are the ones who’ll be hit the fastest and the hardest.  Our findings show, that for many, especially migrants, entrepreneurship will be the way out. With bold policies and data-driven decisions cities can help new businesses to grow and create new jobs faster. The better the policies, the less unemployment, less crime and social costs. With informed decisions cities will thrive. 

Our data is collected from 15 countries, 45 cities and over 200 in depth interviews with policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and migrant founders. Reach out to us if your city need insight in best practice for migration and innovation in Europe.

This is what we focus on

We help cities to boost job creation

We are passionate about collecting and analyzing data that can help cities to solve their challenges.

We gather best practice in order to give the best possible advice on economic growth fueled by diversity.

Reach out to us if you want to collaborate and learn more about your city!

We inspire with Startup Preschool

We have piloted a unique 3-day entrepreneurship crash course for aspiring founders.

We focus on inviting speakers and participants with diverse life experience, because we believe diversity is a key driver for innovation.

Reach out to us if you want to partner up!

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Latest news

13-15th March we organize Startup Preschool in Malmö in partnership with MINC Startup House. The event has created quite a stir in the city! It is now overbooked with over 20 participants on the waiting list.

Here is the article about the event.

We visited InfoShare, main tech conference in Gdansk and Eastern Europe. 

Here is an video interview with us on our project. 

We have recently presented our findings to the king Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, major corporations and entrepreneurs at the Årets Nybyggare prize ceremony in Stockholm. Sweden is one of the few countries in EU that has many successful entrepreneurs with migrant background. 

Would like to talk to us?

We would be happy to hear from you. If you need advice, want to buy our books or book a lecture with us. We are based in Oslo and Berlin, but hey the whole of Europe is home.  

Reach out to us at maria@startupmigrants.com

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