Our vision

We are the future of strong and collaborative entrepreneurship.

By not adequately supporting migrant entrepreneurs, Europe and the Nordics are missing out on key communities who are creating opportunity, employment and innovation. 

Researchers across Europe have found that when it comes to wealth creation migrants are becoming significant contributors to the formal economy. In 2016, Bertelsmann Stiftung published that 1.3 million jobs have been provided in Germany by migrant entrepreneurs. Similarly, Statistics Norway showed that 21.3% of Norwegian entrepreneurs are migrants. Yet, the barriers that exist for migrant entrepreneurs are unaddressed and hold many back particularly those who hold Non-European citizenship.

Given their lack of networks, committed mentors and capital, migrant entrepreneurs are a vulnerable community compared to local entrepreneurs in the realm of business ownership. We want to do something about that. We believe everyone in Europe should have equal opportunity to start a business.

See our current projects for what we are doing to make this vision a reality.

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